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10 Ways FirstNet will Help Public Safety Save Lives and Secure Communities

Across the country, millions of law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics and other public safety personnel bravely serve their communities every day. They answer the call when emergencies strike and risk their lives to secure and protect others. FirstNet is developing the first nationwide public safety broadband network to provide first responders the advanced communication and collaboration technologies they need to help them do their jobs safely and effectively. Here are ten ways FirstNet will help public safety save lives and secure communities:

  1. Today, first responders rely on more than 10,000 separate, incompatible, and often proprietary radio networks to communicate with each other during emergencies. Because they’re not connected on one network, it’s hard, and at times impossible, for emergency responders from different jurisdictions or agencies to communicate and work together to save lives. To help address this challenge, the FirstNet network will be a single, nationwide, interoperable LTE network dedicated to public safety communications. Read more.

  2. Emergencies don’t just happen where people live – that is why reaching rural America is one of FirstNet’s top priorities with the nationwide public safety broadband network. When life-threatening emergencies happen in remote or wilderness areas, public safety could benefit from having a network connection that enables expert medical support during transport to the hospital. Read more.

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