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High-Power User Equipment Expands Coverage for Bangs Ambulance

Paramedics with Bangs Ambulance in New York experienced cellular service dead zones throughout the rural Finger Lakes region. With FirstNet, the agency is taking advantage of capabilities like high-power user equipment, ensuring personnel have more reliable connectivity to send vital information to local hospitals. 

FirstNet: Providing Mobility and Flexibility for Michigan Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies in Michigan are taking advantage of mission critical capabilities on FirstNet, such as priority and preemption. For the Grand Rapids Police Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, this means officers and deputies are able to communicate and have access to the tools they need in the field, ultimately helping them better serve their communities.

FirstNet Provides Reliability and Expands Opportunities for Emergency Communications Centers

Traditionally, emergency telecommunicators have been limited to operating within the walls of an emergency communications center. As technology evolves, dispatch operations are moving to the field to support first responders and remotely to keep telecommunicators safe. FirstNet provides a secure, reliable network for these operations, and priority and preemption on the network ensures telecommunicators can access all the information they need, when and where they need it most.

Meet the Expert: 9-1-1/Emergency Communications Advisor John Hunt Looks to the Future of Dispatching with FirstNet

FirstNet Authority Senior 9-1-1/Emergency Communications Advisor John Hunt spent more than 35 years advancing public safety communications technology. At the FirstNet Authority, he works with emergency communications center personnel to understand how FirstNet can benefit operations and how mobile broadband will complement Next Generation 9-1-1 technologies.   

FirstNet Cell Sites in Pennsylvania Benefit First Responders

When emergencies happen, first responders need to be able to quickly send and receive vital information. For EMS responders, the ability to share data with the hospital helps save time – and potentially lives. Two new FirstNet cell sites in southern Pennsylvania are bringing enhanced coverage and connectivity to public safety, allowing them to send data reliably and securely.

FirstNet Powers Remote 9-1-1 at a Virginia Emergency Communications Center

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Alexandria Department of Emergency and Customer Communications in Virginia implemented remote call-taking and dispatching to keep telecommunicators safe while still serving their community. Using WiFi hotspots connected to FirstNet, the agency was the first in the nation to enable remote 9-1-1 emergency call-taking.

Public Safety, Data Drive New Updates to FirstNet Authority Roadmap

The First Responder Network Authority is pleased to unveil the 2020 FirstNet Roadmap. The newly updated Roadmap incorporates feedback from thousands of public safety stakeholders and reflects emerging technology trends identified by academic and industry experts in the fields of communications and technology. The Roadmap is central to the delivery of a differentiated broadband communications experience for public safety.

Episode 44: A Texas Land Mobile Radio Network Reaches New Heights With FirstNet

Harris County, Texas, was one of the early adopters of FirstNet. As the nation’s third most populous county, first responders in the area need to be prepared for any event. The Harris County Radio Services Organization operates the regional radio system for public safety in Harris County, and FirstNet is allowing them augment that radio system in remote areas and in times of heavy network congestion. 

Episode 43: FirstNet: Meeting the Needs of a Texas Rural Emergency Medical Service

Sacred Cross EMS provides EMS and emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport services across North and West Texas. Many of the areas that the company services are rural, and cellular coverage is traditionally sparse. With the help of FirstNet, Sacred Cross is able to communicate among crews, with hospitals, and with dispatch provide better patient care in these remote areas during everyday incidents and planned events. 

FirstNet Provides Continuity for Washington DC Emergency Call Center During Pandemic

As the nation continues to face the effects of COVID-19, call centers have had adjust their operations in order to maintain communications for 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 calls, while keeping their employees safe. Thanks to FirstNet, the Office of Unified Communications has been able to continue operating safely and securely.