FirstNet and Emergency Medical Services

Broadband reliability built in  

As an EMS professional, rapid access to information is a lifesaver. From mapping applications to patient health databases to information exchange with emergency rooms, you can use data to respond more effectively, but you need a network that works when and where you respond.

Interoperable connectivity 

The FirstNet network will bring you priority access and improved coverage so you can provide the best pre-hospital care possible. The FirstNet network will help you:

  • Exchange real‐time audio/video feeds with hospitals and physicians while on the scene and during transport
  • Send sensitive patient data securely
  • Use patient tracking and bed management software for real-time monitoring
  • Access new diagnostic tools, such as ultrasound and CT in the ambulance to enhance decision-making and treatment capability

Through a robust consultation effort with states, territories, tribes, public safety associations and first responders, and its Public Safety Advisory Committee, FirstNet has turned to the EMS community as a guiding force in network planning to help ensure the network meets your needs.

Learn more at or call 571-665-6100.
Want to get involved?  Contact Brent Williams, Senior EMS Advisor, can be reached at or 202-794-4372

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