Mayor Billy Hewes

Edward Horowitz

Mayor, Gulfport, MS
Term Expires: August 2021

As Gulfport’s Mayor, Billy Hewes has built a team that is putting Mississippi’s second-largest city on the map by embracing development opportunities and creating a unique quality of place through collaboration and example-driven leadership. In fostering a regional “One Coast” mindset, Billy has promoted a grass roots, rising-tide approach that acknowledges, when it comes to public and private sector enhancements, “what benefits one, ultimately benefits all.” Hewes is past National Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council, American City County Exchange, and the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission. He will take the helm of the Mississippi Municipal League as President in 2019, and serves on the Board of the South Mississippi Planning and Development District, as well as a member of the National Park System Advisory Board. His business experience as an insurance and real estate agent, combined with 20 years of service in the Mississippi Senate – serving his last term as President Pro Tempore, have helped him to better understand the needs of his constituents and find solutions for the improvement of his city, and the community, at large. Hewes holds a BS Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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