Evolving Our Organization to Serve Our Customers - Public Safety

July 1, 2016
Rich Reed, FirstNet Chief Customer Officer, discusses key next steps for consultation with states and territories.
Rich Reed, FirstNet Chief Customer Officer, discusses key next steps for consultation with states and territories.

By Richard Reed, FirstNet Chief Customer Officer

At FirstNet, we are focused on planning and deploying a nationwide broadband network for public safety; one that can evolve with technology, leverage innovation in the commercial sector, and adapt to public safety’s mission needs. 

We are taking the same approach to FirstNet, the organization.  To date, we have built an agile and mobile workforce of more than 170 full time employees operating in Reston, Virginia; Boulder, Colorado; and across the U.S.  This structure has enabled us to connect with tens of thousands of public safety representatives over the last year and engage in a dialogue with them on planning for the FirstNet network.

Now, with the Nationwide Pubic Safety Broadband Network rapidly approaching reality, we are also evolving the organization so it is in the best position to work with and serve the future users of the network – public safety.  

To prepare for a customer-centric operating environment, we are re-designing the User Advocacy office to encompass all of our external-facing programs, responsibilities, and activities.  This new component, called the Chief Customer Office (CCO), will be the focal point for our stakeholder interactions and responsibilities going forward. 

The CCO will include many of our current User Advocacy programs, such as outreach, consultation, state plans, coordination with the Public Safety Advisory Committee and communications. The office will also encompass future customer service programs that we plan to develop, such as product management, marketing, training, and more. 

Our goal is to deliver the best network solution to public safety. We will ensure our customer relations team is well positioned to reach all disciplines and levels of government, and promote the adoption of the network.

I am honored to have been selected to lead this important component of FirstNet.   I look forward to discussing our organizational plans with our stakeholders in the coming weeks and providing more details on the benefits of our new CCO structure. 


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