Listed below are the State Single Points of Contact (SPOC) appointed by the governor of each state and territory. The SPOC served as the responsible entity for working with the FirstNet Authority during consultation and the development of State Plans. As of January 2018, all 56 states and territories have “opted in,” to FirstNet, meaning each has accepted its individual State Plan detailing how the FirstNet network will be deployed in their state/territory. The SPOC also serves as the coordinator for the implementation of State and Local Implementation Grant Program (SLIGP) funds, as applicable for the state or territory.

State/Territory Name Telephone* Email*
Alabama Jim Purcell 334-353-9248
Alaska John Rockwell 907-269-2037
American Samoa Jacinta Brown 684-733-6020
Arizona Tim Chung 602-542-6032
Arkansas AJ Gary 501-683-6700
California Patrick Mallon 916-995-4318
Colorado Anthony Neal-Graves 303 764 7830
Connecticut William J. Hackett 860-256-0801 CTFirstNet@CT.Gov
Delaware Eric Wagner 302-698-8220
District of Columbia Jack Burbridge 202-715-7536
Florida Heath Beach 850-922-4135
Georgia Homer Bryson 404-635-7514
Guam Frank L.G. Lujan, Jr 671-475-1113
Hawaii BG Arthur J. Logan 808-733-4205
Idaho Brad Richy 208-258-6566
Illinois Joe Galvin 847-214-5252
Indiana Kelly Dignin 317-234-6514
Iowa Thomas Lampe 515-725-6113
Kansas Jason Bryant 785-646-6265
Kentucky Derek Nesselrode 502-782-2064
Louisiana James Waskom 225-925-7345
Maine David Maxwell 207-624-9793
Maryland Michael G. Leahy 410-697-9401
Massachusetts Curtis Wood 617-274-5512
Michigan Tricia L. Foster 517-241-5548
Minnesota Ramona Dohman 651-201-7554
Mississippi Vicki Helfrich 601-359-5333
Missouri Bryan Courtney 573-522-9584
Montana Quinn Ness 406-444-6134
Nebraska Ed Toner 402-471-3717
Nevada Caleb Cage 775-687-0300
New Hampshire John Stevens 603-223-8003
New Jersey William Drew 609-588-2487
New Mexico Darryl Ackley 505-476-3070
New York Michael Sprague 518-242-8275
North Carolina Red Grasso 919-961-1131
North Dakota Shawn Riley 701-328-1002
Northern Mariana Islands Joaquin “Kilroy” Guerrero 670-287-7172
Ohio Richard (Rick) Schmahl 614 466-2257
Oklahoma Bo Reese 405-522-5722
Oregon Ben Gherezgiher 503-586-6978
Pennsylvania Major Diane Stackhouse 717-346-5346
Puerto Rico Secretary Héctor M. Pesquera 787-641-4300
Rhode Island Tom Guthlein 401-462-7121
South Carolina Robert Steadman 803-896-4469
South Dakota Jeffrey Pierce 605-773-4347
Tennessee Arnold Hooper 615-365-1623
Texas Todd Early 512-424-2121
U.S. Virgin Islands Angelo Riddick 340-713-0354
Utah Gordy Coles 801-965-4538
Vermont Terry LaValley 802-241-5215
Virginia Tom Crabbs 804-370-0694
Washington Shelley Westall 360-556-2545
West Virginia Michael L. Todorovich 304-558-5380
Wisconsin Thomas J. Czaja 608-888-5500
Wyoming Troy Babbitt 307-777-5648