The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) is dedicated to promoting the principles of emergency management and the work of those who protect communities during emergencies and disasters. As a member of the FirstNet Authority’s Public Safety Advisory Committee, IAEM provides input on issues that are essential to emergency managers.

Alachua County Fire and Rescue’s everyday operations depend on FirstNet. The EMS team uses FirstNet for priority services and to send health data directly from the ambulance to the hospital.

This blog post is part of the "Tech Talk" series focused on the FirstNet Authority’s standards development activities to support public safety. This post recaps discussions linked to public safety and other related topics from the 3GPP Plenary meetings that were conducted online June 29 – July 3, 2020. The FirstNet Authority represented public safety interests at the Plenary meetings.

The FirstNet Authority’s Public Safety Advocacy team proactively reaches out to public safety to discuss FirstNet and elicit feedback and insight regarding their communication needs for public safety broadband and innovative technologies. In the East region, the team includes seven public safety advisors covering a geographically diverse region of 19 states.

The Makah Tribe has called the Pacific Northwest home for thousands of years. With over 1,100 square miles of land and sea to patrol and the looming threat of tsunamis, reliable communications are crucial for the tribe’s first responders. Like many tribes across Indian Country, the Makah Tribe is looking to FirstNet to help solve their communication challenges.