From the beaches to the mountains, North Carolina has a diverse landscape that includes rural, tribal, and urban areas. The state experiences severe weather, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and flooding, and hosts several large planned events each year, including the North Carolina State Fair and many major sporting events. North Carolina’s first responders need reliable communications to protect tourists and residents alike.  

The First Responder Network Authority team recognizes the unique communications challenges that North Carolina first responders face. We have been working closely with North Carolina public safety officials since 2014, capturing their feedback and translating it into the design of the FirstNet network. During the development of state deployment plans, our team worked hand-in-hand with North Carolina leaders to ensure the plan was customized to address their needs, including:  

  • Bringing the state's first responders the coverage they need when and where emergencies happen, including along North Carolina's coastline 
  • Giving first responders access to dedicated network assets that can be deployed for additional coverage and support when needed 

Following this close collaboration, North Carolina chose to adopt the plan and “opt in” to FirstNet. Today, we continue to meet regularly with state and local officials to discuss their public safety broadband needs. In 2019 alone, our team met with North Carolina public safety officials 10 times. Our engagements in North Carolina included attending the North Carolina FirstNet Executive Leadership Meeting, participating in the FEMA Region IV Monthly Regional Emergency Communication Coordinators Working Group calls, and meeting with public safety officials in Hickory. Engagements like these are crucial to the ongoing success of the network and the advancement of public safety communications across the state and the nation. 

Connect with our team of Public Safety Advisors to learn about FirstNet in your community.  

With FirstNet, you’ve got the ability of having that day-to-day operational function, that safety, that security, that reliability, on a day-to-day basis, and also in a critical event.


Chief John CuetoTown of Duck Police Department

North Carolina's
FirstNet Authority
Public Safety Advisor
Jonathan Olson