Harry Markley

Law Enforcement
Subject Matter Expert

Harry Markley

Office: 571-524-1853

Up-to-date, reliable information is an invaluable tool for law enforcement officers. From running a license plate to identifying where other officers are located, knowing as much as you can about an incident improves safety and outcomes. But congestion on commercial wireless networks during a large event or emergency or a remote response location can limit your access to a data network — and the vital information you need. That’s where FirstNet can help.

Always-on connection, priority and preemption, innovative tools

Whether responding to a multi-agency incident or sharing data between officers in your own department, FirstNet offers law enforcement and other first responders priority network access and improved coverage. With FirstNet, you can:

  • Share images and video, or access weather and traffic data for a clearer operational picture as incidents unfold, improving your situational awareness.
  • Offer audio reporting tools to your officers, so they spend less time writing reports in the station and more time in the community.
  • Quickly and reliably connect to other agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Track assets and personnel.
  • Contact your team when they are in remote locations or zones where radios prove unreachable.


Complementing radio networks, available for agencies or BYOD

FirstNet provides high‐speed data services and non-mission-critical voice to augment the capabilities of today’s Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems. Because many law enforcement officers depend on their personal mobile devices on the job, FirstNet is available for qualified, individual first responders who want to transition to the FirstNet network.

For public safety, by public safety

Through a robust consultation effort, the First Responder Network Authority works with the law enforcement community to ensure the FirstNet network meets your needs.