Law Enforcement

“Resiliency is critical, you want to have a very robust, ideally a dedicated public safety broadband communications network that’s prioritized for public safety.”

- Jonathan Lewin,
Chief of Support Services, Technology, Chicago Police Department

Up-to-date, reliable information is an invaluable tool for law enforcement officers. From running a license plate to identifying where other officers are located, knowing as much as you can before you go and while on the scene improves safety and outcomes. But congestion on commercial wireless networks during a large event or emergency or a remote response location can limit your access to a data network – and the vital information you need. That’s where FirstNet can help.

Always-on connection, priority and preemption, innovative tools

Whether responding to a multi-agency incident or simply sharing data between officers in your own department, FirstNet offers law enforcement and other public safety disciplines priority network access and improved coverage. With FirstNet, you can:

  • Use new audio reporting tools in the field that will help you be more efficient
  • Access photos and real-time audio/video feeds
  • Improve your situational awareness with mapping and asset tracking tools

Through robust consultation effort with states, territories, tribes, public safety associations, first responders, and its Public Safety Advisory Committee, the First Responder Network Authority works with the law enforcement community as a guiding force in network planning to help ensure the FirstNet network meets law enforcement’s needs.

Complementing radio networks, available for agencies or BYOD

FirstNet provides high‐speed data services and non-mission-critical voice to augment the capabilities of today’s Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems. Because many law enforcement officers spend on their personal mobile devices on the job, FirstNet is available for qualified, individual first responders who want to transition to the FirstNet network.

Meet your Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert

Harry Markley is the First Responder Network Authority Senior Public Safety Advisor for law enforcement. Harry joined the First Responder Network Authority after more than 30 years with the Phoenix Police Department. Markley started his career as patrol officer and was promoted through the ranks to assistant chief of police. In his three decades of service, he touched nearly every part of the department, serving as a narcotics detective, training officer, SWAT team commander, crime lab administrator, precinct commander, and director of the State Police Academy. As assistant chief, Markley led the patrol division; the tactical response team, which was responsible for all crowd control; and the downtown operations unit, which handled all of the city’s sporting events.

Harry is available to meet or talk with agencies who want to learn more about FirstNet and help the First Responder Network Authority shape the future of the FirstNet network and public safety communications.

Harry Markley

SME Contact

Harry Markley