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A responder uses a smartphone displaying a map of nearby locations and assets

Apps for First Responders

First responders benefit from a unique set of apps optimized for their needs. Firefighters need to check weather patterns and maps, law enforcement officers need access to databases and information to help individuals in crisis, emergency medical responders need to relay and receive information about people with medical emergencies, and emergency managers need to process data as it is being collected in the field. Apps that enhance situational awareness and improve decision-making allow first responders to quickly and efficiently protect and serve their communities.

FirstNet App Catalog

The FirstNet App Catalog identifies tested and reliable public safety apps. With apps in the catalog ranging from situational awareness tools to in-building mapping and asset tracking resources, first responders have many ways to take advantage of the FirstNet network.

The FirstNet App Catalog only lists apps that have undergone a rigorous vetting and approval process. To be FirstNet Verified™ in the FirstNet App Catalog, an app is reviewed to

  1. verify it is directly relevant to the needs of first responders,
  2. ensure it is secure and protects data, and
  3. ensure it has a history of limited unplanned outages with three 9’s (99.9%) or better availability.

Once an app qualifies to be listed in the FirstNet App Catalog, it can earn the additional rating of FirstNet Certified™ if it demonstrates the ability to limit unplanned outages with four 9’s (99.99%) availability and meets additional criteria of resiliency, scalability, optimized use of mobility resources and more rigorous security testing.

Innovative app development

Through the FirstNet Application Developer Program, developers can create and offer innovative, public-safety focused apps for use by FirstNet’s first responder subscribers. The program is open, at no cost, to large and small enterprises, public safety entities, data exchanges, technology policymakers, and individual developers who are passionate about driving the quality and usability of public safety solutions.

The FirstNet Authority is focused on driving innovations in apps for public safety to help them do their lifesaving work. Through coding programs like NIST PSCR’s Tech to Protect, Pulse Accelerator, and other prize challenges, the FirstNet Authority works to lower barriers for developers, bringing them together with first responders to create apps that solve challenges faced by public safety and benefit responders in the field.