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Department of Transportation inspectors monitoring debris removal


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The FirstNet network is designed for and inspired by the public safety community, including law enforcement, the fire service, and emergency medical service, as well as emergency managers and PSAPs. FirstNet provides the vital connectivity and lifesaving tools first responders need – every day and in every emergency.  

FirstNet is also available to an extended community that could be called on to help support first responders – from the mitigation, remediation, overhaul, clean up and restoration to the provisioning of other services required – during the time of an emergency or its aftermath. These are also known as extended primary users and can include essential government services, education, transportation and utilities.  

Because FirstNet is a dedicated public safety resource, primary users (first responders) and the extended community are reviewed before service is approved. To learn more about joining the FirstNet network and FirstNet products and services, visit and the How do I get FirstNet page.