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Gary McCarraher

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As a member of the fire service, you know having the right tools improves response. Increasingly, your department relies on mobile applications to provide computer-aided dispatching, mapping tools, patient care reporting, and hazardous materials information. Unfortunately, you also know that during emergencies or large events, congestion on commercial networks can make your vital data sources unreachable or unreliable. FirstNet provides a secure, reliable broadband connection so communications stay intact during your most critical moments.

Always-on connection, priority and preemption, innovative tools

Whether sending images of wildfires or downloading building plans, FirstNet provides fire personnel with improved network coverage and network priority, preemption, and quality of service. The FirstNet network also enables you to:

  • Share images and video, or access weather and traffic data for a clearer operational picture as incidents unfold.
  • Quickly and reliably connect to other agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Track assets and personnel.
  • Take the network along to remote locations using FirstNet's fleet of 72 dedicated network deployable assets, available at no cost to FirstNet subscribers, plus three flying Cells on Wings and an aerostat (or blimp).
  • Use mapping applications that share lookout positions, escape routes, safety zones, and water sources.


Complementing radio networks, available for agencies or BYOD

FirstNet provides high‐speed data services and non-mission-critical voice to augment the capabilities of today’s Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems. Because many firefighters depend on their personal mobile devices on the job, FirstNet is available for qualified, individual first responders who want to transition to the FirstNet network.

For public safety, by public safety

Through a robust consultation effort, the First Responder Network Authority works with the fire service community to ensure the FirstNet network meets your needs.