A photo of Ed Reynolds, accompanied by the American flag and the words "Remembering Ed Reynolds, A FirstNet pioneer"

Remembering Ed Reynolds, a FirstNet Pioneer

The First Responder Network Authority team is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of former Board member Ed Reynolds on New Year’s Day.  Ed was inducted into the Wireless Hall of Fame just a few months ago after an accomplished career in wireless technology spanning several decades.

Ed had the distinction of being a founding member of the FirstNet Board, serving during our startup days through the launch of the Network in early 2018.  He was a dedicated and valuable member of the Board’s Technology and Finance committees during that time.  

I was fortunate to work closely with Ed at the FirstNet Authority; it was truly an honor and a privilege to share his passion for making the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network a reality.  He valued the contribution the Network would provide to first responders and the impact it would have on the safety of communities across our Nation.

Just as first responders are dedicated to their jobs, Ed embraced the FirstNet mission and brought a “can do” approach to everything he worked on at the FirstNet Authority.  Ed relished the dynamic challenges we faced and, being an engineer and an innovator, we could always count on him to design a path to success for us.

Many will remember Ed for his unparalleled telecom expertise and the technical contributions he brought to the FirstNet Authority.  Others will point to his desire to put advanced technologies in the hands of public safety so they could better, and more safely, accomplish their lifesaving work.  For me, what stood out the most was Ed’s calm, poised, and practical demeanor.  Through all the challenges we faced, Ed remained focused, resolute, and determined to drive us to the best solution for public safety. 

I am proud to see Ed’s commitment to public safety carry on today at the FirstNet Authority.  Thanks to Ed’s leadership and that of those who served on the Board with him, we have a distinct “public safety first” culture.  

To learn more about the life of Ed Reynolds - the devoted husband, father, volunteer fireman, and telecom hall of famer - I encourage you to read this announcement about his passing: 


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