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Kenison Tejada

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Kenison Tejada is a senior public safety advisor for the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority).

Before joining the FirstNet Authority in 2019, Kenison worked for the Honolulu Fire Department for more than 30 years. His last seven years were spent as the fire communications battalion chief; in this role, he worked to optimize communications, both emergency and non-emergency, and to coordinate statewide emergency communications.

As part of Hawaii’s emergency communications community, Kenison advocated on behalf of Hawaii public safety agencies to make new and future communications technology a high priority. His advocacy focused on three areas: 1) Hawaii’s need for a statewide migration plan to Next Generation 9-1-1, 2) Hawaii’s public safety community establishing a self-mandate to address their own needs, requirements, and use of FirstNet’s broadband system and capabilities, and 3) Detailed discussion and planning for how Hawaii will deal with federal legislation, regulations, and mandates. Kenison’s work to advance public safety communications has served as a foundational platform for his role at the FirstNet Authority.