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Oregon Fire Chief Honored with Prestigious Public Safety Broadband Communications Award

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Chief (ret.) Mike Duyck has been awarded the prestigious Chief Harlin R. McEwen Public Safety Broadband Communications Award (Harlin McEwen Award) for his leadership and commitment to the advancement of broadband communications for public safety personnel across Oregon and nationwide.

Celebrating our Nation’s First Responders

First responders bravely and selflessly protect and serve our communities every day. On National First Responders Day, we take time to celebrate and honor their dedication. The FirstNet Authority is proud to serve the men and women of public safety with innovative solutions that can make their jobs easier, more efficient, and safer.

The Benefits of Z-Axis Through FirstNet

The FirstNet Authority continuously works with public safety across the country to evolve the FirstNet network. One of the key capabilities that public safety requested during the planning phase of FirstNet was the ability to determine the Z-axis, or vertical axis, location of personnel. This service is now available in a growing number of areas on the FirstNet network for the nation’s first responders.

Boise Fire Enhances Coverage and Connectivity with FirstNet

The Boise Fire Department in Idaho acquired a Compact Rapid Deployable, giving the agency on-demand access to enhanced coverage when and where it’s needed. The asset and FirstNet’s reliable, dedicated connection will help the agency navigate emergencies and disasters, from wildfires to every day incidents.

FirstNet Connects Washington Military Department Disaster Response and Emergency Management Teams

The Washington Military Department joined FirstNet, giving its disaster response and emergency management teams a dedicated, reliable broadband connection. The Washington Military Department also has on-the-go coverage wherever they need it with a Compact Rapid Deployable. This asset helps emergency management teams connect with other first responders during incidents.

FirstNet Authority Board Approves FY22 Budget for Operations, Investment into Public Safety’s Network

During its third quarterly meeting of 2021, the FirstNet Authority Board approved a $253 million budget for Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22), with a focus on overseeing deployment of the nationwide public safety broadband network, supporting public safety engagement on their communications priorities, and directing investments in the network based on public safety’s feedback.

FirstNet Connects Los Angeles City and County Public Safety

Personnel with the Los Angeles Fire Department and County Department of Public Health in California are using FirstNet-enabled devices to better serve residents and visitors to the Los Angeles region. In addition to routers, modems, and smartphones, the agencies are utilizing an Internet of Things system solution on the network to help detect radiation and HAZMAT incidents.

Purpose-built FirstNet Cell Site Enhances Connectivity for Public Safety in Dorchester County, Maryland

A new FirstNet cell site was turned on in Dorchester County, Maryland, on the property of the Neck District Volunteer Fire Company. The site brings enhanced connectivity and communications to public safety in the region.

FirstNet - Helping Firefighters Face Historic Wildfire Season Amid Pandemic

Last year, firefighters on the west coast battled a relentless string of fires prompting mass evacuations, destroying thousands of homes and threatening dozens of communities. As the fires and the pandemic continue to pose a double threat, FirstNet worked as it was intended by giving first responders prioritized and preemptive service to make sure that emergency communications always comes first. FirstNet prioritizes first responder communication ahead of non-emergency communications – and that has made all the difference in keeping firefighters safe as they protect communities and save lives.

FirstNet and Wildfire Response Operations

Five things to know about FirstNet and wildfire response operations.