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In-building solution boosts FirstNet inside police headquarters at no extra cost

The FirstNet Authority invested in an in-building solution called Cell Booster Pro to bring better indoor FirstNet coverage to police headquarters and other public safety buildings. With this new program, public safety agencies can install up to 50 devices across multiple locations—at no cost to the agency—to boost FirstNet inside the buildings where they work.

World-renowned holiday lights festival happens with FirstNet behind the scenes

Every year during the holidays, the city of St. Augustine in Florida is transformed by millions of holiday lights that bedazzle the city’s downtown in an event called Nights of Lights. As visitors marvel at the twinkling lights, St. Augustine officials use FirstNet to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely for everyone involved.

First responders leverage FirstNet to ensure safe Cinco De Mayo celebrations

Cinco De Mayo celebrations in San Jose, California, bring in large crowds every year and first responders depend on FirstNet to avoid communication challenges during the festivities. A FirstNet SatCOLT was used to ensure responders had the coverage they needed to coordinate response, and interoperability was key to keeping attendees safe.

An Inside Look at University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Campus Safety Tech

From 911 calls to continuity of operations and pandemic response, technology helps the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) support response operations and communications to keep the university community safe and secure. The UMB uses FirstNet to enhance situational awareness and coordinate faster response times for public safety officials.

Episode 66: Oxford Police leverages compact rapid deployable to boost emergency comms in Alabama

The Oxford Police Department is the first public safety agency in Alabama to obtain a FirstNet compact rapid deployable, a miniature cell tower that generates cellular and wi-fi coverage quickly, efficiently, and wherever it’s needed. This advanced technology acts as a solution for challenges that first responders face when trying to stay connected during emergencies, in more rural areas, or during large events where networks can get overwhelmed.  

New England Association of Police Chiefs Annual Training Conference

New England Association of Police Chiefs Annual Training Conference

A View from Above: Increasing first responder situational awareness with drones

From missing person searches to HAZMAT incidents and holiday celebrations, first responders in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas use drone technology to gather critical situational awareness during emergencies and planned events. With FirstNet, footage from the drones can be streamed seamlessly back to decision makers on the ground.

FirstNet brings safety, security to Dover Motor Speedway and Firefly Music Festival

The “Monster Mile” at Dover Motor Speedway can be as tough on communications as it is on drivers. With more than a dozen public safety partners supporting races and the Firefly Music Festival, reliable connectivity is critical. FirstNet is ensuring responders can communicate and share information to keep visitors safe.

Tulsa State Fair security utilizes FirstNet technology to enhance public safety

With over a million attendees, deputies were dispatched to the Tulsa State Fair in Oklahoma to keep attendees safe and to patrol the Midway, where the rides and games were located. The sheriff’s office used FirstNet’s critical data and technology to pinpoint calls and plot incidents with multiple cameras, cell phones, and RapidSOS.

Georgia police department switches from LMR to FirstNet

The Dallas Police Department in Georgia is the first in the state—and one of the first in the country—to completely switch from land mobile radios (LMR) to public safety broadband for their communications. Dallas Police Chief Joe Duvall shared how they made the decision to switch and how it’s going so far.