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Demonstrating Priority and Preemption in the Boulder FirstNet Lab

Experts at the Boulder FirstNet Lab in Colorado test functions and features of FirstNet to ensure first responders experience the network as designed and expected. For example, using load test tools, researchers can emulate 6,000 devices and demonstrate how priority and preemption work for first responders.

FirstNet to launch Innovation and Test Lab to drive innovation and technology for public safety

November 9, 2016 (BOULDER, Colo.) The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) today announced the opening of the FirstNet Innovation and Test Lab at its technical headquarters in Boulder, Colo.

Building the FirstNet Innovation and Test Lab in 60 Seconds

Located at FirstNet’s technical headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, the FirstNet Lab is a state-of-the-art laboratory in which the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and its future partner will test public safety functionality and features unique to FirstNet’s mission-critical broadband

Introducing FirstNet's Innovation and Test Lab

Grand opening of the FirstNet Boulder Innovation and Test Lab

Experience FirstNet: How priority and preemption help public safety connect when they need it most

Priority and preemption allow first responders to remain connected to FirstNet, even in times of high network congestion, and the FirstNet Authority is continually testing these features to ensure their functionality. Public safety agencies in Canton and Stark County, Ohio and Derry, New Hampshire have experienced the difference priority and preemption make in every day operations and emergency incidents.

A Growing and Diverse Ecosystem of FirstNet Devices

In a world where technology trends are ever changing, the FirstNet Authority and our network contractor, AT&T, are working diligently to deliver a dedicated public safety broadband network. In addition to a reliable and secure connection, we are working with AT&T to build a diverse device ecosystem that will meet the needs of public safety.

Using and Developing Apps on FirstNet: the next phase of public safety communications

A robust broadband ecosystem for public safety demands a proven pool of mobile apps based on the needs of the responder community. The FirstNet applications strategy is to enable the creation of public safety mobile applications while maintaining support for existing commercial applications. This will establish a portfolio of resilient, reliable, secure and easy-to-use mobile applications for first responders.

The FirstNet Ecosystem: Spurring Innovation

As technology rapidly evolves, more and more tools are becoming available to first responders. Over the past year, the FirstNet Authority has supported several innovation contests that encourage entrepreneurs, researchers, and public safety professionals to develop solutions to assist emergency responders. Brian Hobson, Director of the FirstNet Authority Enterprise Strategy Division, breaks down some of these contests and how the FirstNet Authority is helping drive innovation forward.

The FirstNet Lab and Future Experience Center

The First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet Authority) Technology Headquarters in Boulder, CO - home to the FirstNet Innovation and Test Lab and a future experience center - continues to be a focal point for transforming the future of public safety communications for first responders.

FirstNet Lab: Expanding the future of public safety communications

In this video tour of the FirstNet Innovation and Test Lab, Michael Van Zuiden, Senior Director for the Lab, walks through the state-of-the-art facility to explain the Lab’s pivotal work supporting public safety.  The Lab operates as a plug and play environment for the FirstNet Authority team to test the standards based mission critical functions and features of the FirstNet network.