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Next Generation 9-1-1

FirstNet enhances 9-1-1 resiliency and in-building connectivity across Tennessee

FirstNet is advancing public safety in Tennessee by providing tools and resources that keep first responders connected when they experience outages. The Cell Booster Pro, an enterprise grade miniature cell-site, increases in-building coverage and the AT&T ESinet offers a wireless back-up network for when 9-1-1 centers face connection disruptions.

The University Fire Department in Alaska uses FirstNet for innovative technology

The University Fire Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks helps prepare the next generation of firefighters by providing students with on-the-ground training, certifications, and a college degree. To remain at the forefront of firefighting innovation in the state, the fire department uses FirstNet technology to boost cellular transmission strength, transmit data to other first responders, capture thermal imaging, and more.

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