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FirstNet, Built with AT&T Celebrates 5 Years: New Mission-Ready Solutions Launch to Enhance First Responders’ Emergency Response

Dedicated FirstNet Fleet Grows to 150 Deployable Assets Nationwide; FirstNet Rapid Response Expands Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk Suite; AT&T ESInet Integrates with the AT&T Wireless Network to Improve Response Times for 9-1-1 Calls

3 tips to adopting FirstNet

Members of the Mason County Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) in West Virginia often find themselves working in more remote parts of the county. Understanding the importance of remaining connected, DHSEM and other county agencies switched to FirstNet after extensive testing. The county’s public safety agencies are now using the network to improve patient care during longer hospital transports and to enhance communications at COVID-19 testing sites.

FirstNet Provides Reliability and Expands Opportunities for Emergency Communications Centers

Traditionally, emergency telecommunicators have been limited to operating within the walls of an emergency communications center. As technology evolves, dispatch operations are moving to the field to support first responders and remotely to keep telecommunicators safe. FirstNet provides a secure, reliable network for these operations, and priority and preemption on the network ensures telecommunicators can access all the information they need, when and where they need it most.

Meet the Expert: 9-1-1/Emergency Communications Advisor John Hunt Looks to the Future of Dispatching with FirstNet

FirstNet Authority Senior 9-1-1/Emergency Communications Advisor John Hunt spent more than 35 years advancing public safety communications technology. At the FirstNet Authority, he works with emergency communications center personnel to understand how FirstNet can benefit operations and how mobile broadband will complement Next Generation 9-1-1 technologies.   

FirstNet Inject Catalog advances planning and preparation for public safety

The FirstNet Inject Catalog is a comprehensive searchable tool designed to help emergency planners integrate broadband capabilities into discussion-based (tabletop) and operational (functional and full-scale) exercises. Organizers of the 2019 Central State Communications Exercise, held in Quapaw, Oklahoma, used the Inject Catalog to demonstrate how broadband technologies could enhance operational communications throughout the central states’ region.

Webinar Preview: Emergency Communications Centers and FirstNet

The FirstNet Authority’s 9-1-1/emergency communications team is hosting a nationwide webinar, the Emergency Communications Center and FirstNet. This event will help emergency communications center professionals learn more about FirstNet and have the opportunity to share feedback.

FirstNet Provides Continuity for Washington DC Emergency Call Center During Pandemic

As the nation continues to face the effects of COVID-19, call centers have had adjust their operations in order to maintain communications for 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 calls, while keeping their employees safe. Thanks to FirstNet, the Office of Unified Communications has been able to continue operating safely and securely.

Transforming the Future of Emergency Communications with FirstNet

When Super Bowl LIII came to Atlanta, the Fulton County E9-1-1 Center used FirstNet to support the backup center.

Integrating FirstNet into 911 Operations

The FirstNet Authority met with professionals working in emergency communication centers (ECCs) at Arizona’s Public Safety Broadband Forum for PSAPs to discuss how ECCs are using FirstNet and how to integrate FirstNet into 911 operations.

The Next Generation of 911

The FirstNet network lays the ground work for the future integration of NG 9-1-1 technologies to forever change the way telecommunicators do their jobs.  In the NG911 and FirstNet integrated PSAP, FirstNet is the network solution that provides the pipe that first responders can use to communicate