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FirstNet, Built with AT&T, Nearly Doubled Coverage Area in Arizona Connecting More First Responders to America’s Public Safety Network

With the Band 14 infrastructure implemented by FirstNet, first responders across Arizona will have access to reliable coverage and experience an increased network capacity. Band 14 is a first responder network with a dedicated spectrum set aside for public safety officials to stay connected with each other whether there’s an emergency situation or for more common day-to-day responses.

FirstNet, Built with AT&T Grows Coverage by 50% in Colorado Connecting More First Responders to America’s Public Safety Network

Public safety personnel in Colorado are leveraging FirstNet’s high-quality Band 14 spectrum and 5G connectivity to keep their rural and urban communities connected and safe. FirstNet’s advancement of public safety interests also involves working with the Safer Building Coalition, an advocacy group aimed at ensuring reliable in-building communication capabilities for first responders.

Los Angeles Police Department puts FirstNet into the hands of all its officers

The Los Angeles Police Department, one of the biggest police departments in the country, is modernizing its communications and issuing FirstNet devices to all of its almost 10,000 officers. Through FirstNet’s reliable and secure connection, officers will be able to spend less time at the station doing paperwork and more time in the field with their community.

Scoring a win with FirstNet Authority pre-planning support

First responders at any size event depend on reliable communication to ensure a successful and safe outcome. In preparation for the Super Bowl in 2022, Los Angeles area public safety agencies’ used the FirstNet Authority’s pre-planning event support to help maximize broadband capabilities. This free and unique service from the FirstNet Authority resulted in more timely and efficient decision-making, better coordinated responses, and well-managed resources and logistics.

FirstNet at 10 Years: Coverage, Deployables, 5G

Coverage is king for public safety communications. Since its creation, the FirstNet Authority has focused on ensuring first responders have coverage and connectivity whenever and wherever they need it. Deployables, high power user equipment, and a focus on 5G are some of the new ways FirstNet subscribers can get coverage in hard-to-reach areas.


Episode 63: FirstNet Provides Connectivity for New York MTA Police Department

For the New York State Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department, FirstNet is a critical supplement one of the most complex wireless radio systems in New York. FirstNet extends coverage to places in New York that historically lacked portable radio coverage, enhancing the connectivity for officers assigned to the New York City subway system and increasing interoperability with partners throughout the state.   

Episode 62: Discussing the Future of Public Safety Communications with Board Chair Benjamin

With decades of experience in public safety and public service, Stephen Benjamin understands the importance of reliable communications for first responders. Ten years after the creation of the FirstNet Authority, he reflects on the impacts of FirstNet and shares his vision for the future of the network as Chair of the FirstNet Authority Board.

FirstNet Now Covers More First Responders than Any Network in the Country

Public safety agencies and organizations in thousands of communities across the country are staying connected with FirstNet, Built with AT&T. The public safety community on FirstNet has access to the nation’s largest coverage footprint, reaching more than 2.81 million square miles across the country.

From the Command Center: A Conversation with Walter "Pete" Landon, Maryland Governor's Office of Homeland Security

Walter “Pete” Landon, Director of Homeland Security and Chief of Staff for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, spent decades in law enforcement and saw the evolution of technology and communications. In his roles, he advocates for enhancing public safety communications and bringing advanced tools to first responders.

FirstNet becomes a game changer for Palm Beach County 9-1-1 during the Pandemic

Palm Beach County 9-1-1 in Florida answers roughly 10,000 calls per month, making reliable connectivity critical to serving the community. When the pandemic hit, this became even more important as call takers and dispatchers needed remote capabilities to stay safe. The agency is using FirstNet to keep staff connected through SIM cards in routers, on 9-1-1 busses, and in “go-bags” that enable remote capabilities.