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New FirstNet cell site launches on the Red Lake Nation

New FirstNet cell site launches on the Red Lake Nation

FirstNet Authority’s Broadband Integration Guide, Collaboration with Indian Gaming Association

The FirstNet Authority has made it a priority to bring broadband to all first responders — local, state, federal, and tribal. The FirstNet Authority is helping tribal nations integrate broadband into public safety operations by developing guidance and collaborating on best practices with tribal organizations like the Indian Gaming Association.

Thunderbird and Whale: First-ever national exercise led by tribal nations tests communications capabilities

Thunderbird and Whale was the first-ever national-level exercise fully planned and executed by tribal nations. Lynda Zambrano, Executive Director of the National Tribal Emergency Management Council, recounts her team’s approach to the exercise and how they maximized resources to benefit tribal communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Celebrating a decade of impact for tribal public safety

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the legislation that created the FirstNet Authority. From our earliest days, the FirstNet Authority has collaborated with tribal leadership and organizations to better understand the needs of responders in Indian Country. We are working to expand broadband coverage into tribal communities that have historically lacked access to reliable communication services and offering advanced technologies to keep them connected.

FirstNet, America’s Public Safety Network, Improves Connectivity for Navajo Nation First Responders

First responders across the Navajo Nation are benefiting from FirstNet’s expanding coverage, boosted capacity, and new capabilities. FirstNet’s Band 14 infrastructure is bringing tribal public safety agencies nationwide access to the network’s unique features and functions.

FirstNet extended coverage brings critical connectivity to Tribal lands

The FirstNet Authority is continuing to bring the FirstNet's Band 14 service to rural, remote, and Tribal lands. As part of that effort, the FirstNet Authority is actively engaging with Tribal leaders to determine where they need FirstNet coverage most.

FirstNet extended coverage brings critical connectivity to Tribal lands

Bringing broadband to Tribal responders has always been a priority for the FirstNet Authority. When Board members visited the Navajo Nation – which spans Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah – they learned how deployables and expanded coverage are bringing interoperability to the tribe’s emergency communications. FirstNet has played an important role during major events like the pandemic response and a visit from the First Lady of the United States.

Indian Gaming Association, FirstNet Authority and FirstNet program at AT&T launch collaborative effort to promote best practices for public safety communications and coordination on FirstNet

The Indian Gaming Association is working with FirstNet and the FirstNet Authority to raise awareness of the benefits of public safety’s network to Indian Country. Through this collaboration, FirstNet will support the Indian Gaming Association’s members as they explore the best options for security and emergency response.