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Los Angeles Police Department takes critical step in safety innovation with FirstNet

First responders in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are benefitting from FirstNet. Now with FirstNet, LAPD is equipping officers with new tools, expanded capabilities, and reliable access to critical information while in the field, allowing the department to better serve those who live, work, and visit Los Angeles.

Testing FirstNet’s mission-critical tech in the real world

How do FirstNet’s Z-Axis and Push-To-Talk work in real-life scenarios? The FirstNet Authority partnered with the Major County Sheriffs of America to conduct a technology trial of these capabilities. By putting the technology into the hands of officers on the job, we can evaluate its real-world usability, discover any adjustments needed, and plan for future upgrades.

FirstNet Connects Morris Police and Public Works in Illinois

Officers and public works personnel in Morris, Illinois, now have access to new capabilities and reliable network access with FirstNet. The network provides responders with interoperability and connectivity in the field.

Seconds to respond – too long to sign on?

Public safety needs a solution that allows for a single, secure authentication process across every application needed. Logging on once should make multiple mobile applications immediately available for first responder use, allowing life-saving work to begin sooner. The FirstNet Authority is exploring how Identity, Credential, and Access Management affects public safety daily and what other solutions can help solve real-world problems.

Calexico Police Department Joins FirstNet

FirstNet is bringing dedicated network services to officers with the Calexico Police Department in California. Features on FirstNet built for public safety ensure officers can communicate and connect to the resources they need.

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Joins FirstNet to Connect Lineman during Disasters and Emergencies

Lineman and employees with Oklahoma Electric Cooperative are using FirstNet to connect to each other, access reports, and provide mapping while responding to natural disasters and everyday emergencies.

FirstNet tools in action: A live demonstration of z-axis

In today’s environment, public safety entities track responders’ location using a wide assortment of options, all with varying degrees of accuracy, effectiveness, and automation, from handwritten maps to smartphone applications. Using location-based services to locate individual first responders can be absolutely critical in terms of personnel safety and accountability, improved response times, and enhanced operational effectiveness. This demonstration of Z-Axis for FirstNet was recorded live in downtown Chicago using Response for FirstNet application. Watch to see the information displayed on mobile devices and desktop displays, as well as streaming video from the person being tracked. Learn more about how we plan to drive technology advancements at FirstNet.gov/Roadmap.

FirstNet tools in action: A live demonstration of z-axis

Location based services provide first responders with information on the location of personnel, assets, or vehicles. With Z-axis technology on FirstNet, responders can be located inside a multi-story building.

FirstNet innovates disaster recovery for emergency management

Every year, disasters put millions of Americans in danger and cost billions of dollars in property damage. After the threat of harm has passed, FirstNet plays an important role in the recovery phase. While a community is assessing damage, repairing and rebuilding infrastructure, and restoring critical functions, FirstNet keeps responders connected and communicating, speeding up some steps of the recovery process. Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency in Alabama used FirstNet to speed up reporting after disasters.

Apps for First Responders

First responders benefit from a unique set of apps optimized for their needs.