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How FirstNet helps mitigate disasters

The mitigation phase of emergency management includes all the steps taken to minimize the impact of disasters. FirstNet can play an important role in mitigation. Smart cities and remote sensors are two ways that technology is advancing mitigation efforts and disaster management, and FirstNet provides the prioritized and secure connectivity that public safety needs for these technologies.

New York Power Authority Successfully Pilots FirstNet

The New York Power Authority successfully piloted FirstNet to support operations at the Blenheim-Gilboa's Pumped Storage Power project. The network ensures communications are available when public safety needs connectivity most.

FirstNet Connects Los Angeles City and County Public Safety

Personnel with the Los Angeles Fire Department and County Department of Public Health in California are using FirstNet-enabled devices to better serve residents and visitors to the Los Angeles region. In addition to routers, modems, and smartphones, the agencies are utilizing an Internet of Things system solution on the network to help detect radiation and HAZMAT incidents.

Discover How FirstNet is Transforming the Future of Emergency Communications at APCO 2021

At APCO International’s Annual Conference and Expo, stakeholders from across disciplines come together to discuss topics impacting emergency telecommunications. For the second year, the FirstNet Authority will participate and lead sessions in a FirstNet-specific track, highlighting how the network is supporting emergency communications centers.

Explore Innovation in Public Safety Communications with the FirstNet Authority at PSCR 2021

The FirstNet Authority is joining PSCR 2021, the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Division’s virtual annual Stakeholder Meeting. Through plenaries, on-demand sessions, and live question and answer sessions, the FirstNet Authority team will discuss standards work, innovation in public safety communications technology, and how the pandemic changed operations for first responders.

Episode 54: Women in STEM: Breaking Barriers and Innovating for Public Safety

Females are statistically underrepresented in public safety and in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career fields. At the intersection of STEM and public safety, there are women developing innovative solutions to make first responders’ jobs easier and more efficient. Working on this technology takes tenacity – but those who rise to the challenge are making an incredible difference.

APWA’s Top Five Trending Technologies in 2021: How FirstNet is expanding to support connective technologies

The Association of Public Works Association (APWA) released its Top Five Trending Technologies of 2021 survey and report announcing promising technologies that best support public works agencies. APWA reached out to the FirstNet Authority to discuss small cell/5G technologies’ growing impact on FirstNet’s vision to expand and enhance coverage into communities located in urban, rural, or other hard to reach areas. 

City of Las Vegas Joins FirstNet to Power Smart City Technology

The City of Las Vegas, Nevada, joined FirstNet to support communications for public safety. Las Vegas is a city focused on innovation, and FirstNet will power innovative technology like Internet of Things devices and smart city solutions.

Start a conversation with the FirstNet Authority team at the World Trauma Symposium virtual booth

The FirstNet Authority is excited to participate in the National Association of Emergency Medical Technician’s World Trauma Symposium virtual conference. FirstNet Authority staff will host a virtual booth to share information and answer questions about how FirstNet supports emergency medical services.

FirstNet Authority Roadmap Technology Domains: Situational Awareness

Situational awareness for first responders can come from cameras, sensors, wearables, or countless other pieces of technology. In this blog, FirstNet Authority Senior Public Safety Products Advisor Randy Kerr and FirstNet Authority Senior Director of Product Technology and Architecture Carlos L’Abbate discuss public safety’s situational awareness needs and how the FirstNet Authority is ensuring those needs are met.