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Tom Shull discusses the first decade of FirstNet accomplishments

The only nationwide public safety broadband network, FirstNet, which was created in 2012 is celebrating a decade of public safety accomplishments. Tom Shull, FirstNet’s Director of Legislative Affairs, details some of FirstNet’s major accomplishments throughout the years and provides insight on the future of the organization and it’s continued plans to advance public safety. 

FirstNet brings safety, security to Dover Motor Speedway and Firefly Music Festival

The “Monster Mile” at Dover Motor Speedway can be as tough on communications as it is on drivers. With more than a dozen public safety partners supporting races and the Firefly Music Festival, reliable connectivity is critical. FirstNet is ensuring responders can communicate and share information to keep visitors safe.

Tulsa State Fair security utilizes FirstNet technology to enhance public safety

With over a million attendees, deputies were dispatched to the Tulsa State Fair in Oklahoma to keep attendees safe and to patrol the Midway, where the rides and games were located. The sheriff’s office used FirstNet’s critical data and technology to pinpoint calls and plot incidents with multiple cameras, cell phones, and RapidSOS.

Location-based routing feature assists 911 centers in New Mexico with dispatching help

AT&T, in collaboration with Intrado, introduced a location-based routing feature in New Mexico that enables 911 dispatch centers to pinpoint the exact location where a 911 emergency call was placed. This service works by utilizing the GPS of the phone that made the call and connecting it with the closest 911 dispatch center so that public safety officials can identify the incident location swiftly and precisely. 

The FirstNet Authority’s virtual and augmented reality test center facilitates public safety training, research and development

The FirstNet Authority’s Public Safety Immersive Test Center uses augmented and virtual reality to test equipment in simulated experiences and to develop methodologies for real world emergencies. The test center is used by multiple public safety agencies to train and educate first responders.

The FirstNet Authority’s virtual reality test center provides hands-on public safety training for first responders

First responders are using FirstNet Authority’s virtual reality test center to set-up and engage in immersive emergency response training. This cost-efficient training simulation enables public safety officials to cultivate their skillset in a non-hazardous environment.  

Los Angeles Police Department puts FirstNet into the hands of all its officers

The Los Angeles Police Department, one of the biggest police departments in the country, is modernizing its communications and issuing FirstNet devices to all of its almost 10,000 officers. Through FirstNet’s reliable and secure connection, officers will be able to spend less time at the station doing paperwork and more time in the field with their community.

FirstNet Authority’s new Public Safety Immersive Test Center provides virtual environment for first responders

The FirstNet Authority’s new Public Safety Immersive Test Center is designed to explore future tech for public safety training and operations. The center enables simulations of real-world scenarios using virtual and augmented reality, location services, high-speed optical tracking cameras, and haptic interfaces.

FirstNet and the five E’s of community risk reduction

FirstNet is an important tool for firefighters as they battle a fire. Outside the blazes, the network can also enhance the fire service’s community risk reduction efforts. The FirstNet Authority engages with the fire community on how FirstNet can support the “five E’s” of risk reduction: enforcement, engineering, education, emergency response, and economic incentives.

Orleans Parish Communication District Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Celebrate Cut Over to AT&T ESInet™ and Carbyne APEX Call Handling System

The Orleans Parish Communications District celebrates the adoption of AT&T ESInet to support Next Generation 911 call handling systems. AT&T ESInet gives emergency call handlers greater location accuracy and added redundancy to ensure that 911 services remain operational during localized events. The new system along with acquiring a FirstNet Compact Rapid Deployable asset will provide reliable communications systems for Louisiana public safety.