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Episode 66: Oxford Police leverages compact rapid deployable to boost emergency comms in Alabama

The Oxford Police Department is the first public safety agency in Alabama to obtain a FirstNet compact rapid deployable, a miniature cell tower that generates cellular and wi-fi coverage quickly, efficiently, and wherever it’s needed. This advanced technology acts as a solution for challenges that first responders face when trying to stay connected during emergencies, in more rural areas, or during large events where networks can get overwhelmed.  

Tom Shull discusses the first decade of FirstNet accomplishments

The only nationwide public safety broadband network, FirstNet, which was created in 2012 is celebrating a decade of public safety accomplishments. Tom Shull, FirstNet’s Director of Legislative Affairs, details some of FirstNet’s major accomplishments throughout the years and provides insight on the future of the organization and it’s continued plans to advance public safety. 

FirstNet keeps Michigan responders communicating in the path of a tornado

Deputy Chief Gavin Babieracki of Otsego County EMS Rescue shares his experience responding when a tornado struck his community, a rare event in northern Michigan. Though the tornado was unexpected, Babieracki and his team were prepared with FirstNet and other technologies to keep first responders connected throughout the disaster.

FirstNet enhances 9-1-1 resiliency and in-building connectivity across Tennessee

FirstNet is advancing public safety in Tennessee by providing tools and resources that keep first responders connected when they experience outages. The Cell Booster Pro, an enterprise grade miniature cell-site, increases in-building coverage and the AT&T ESinet offers a wireless back-up network for when 9-1-1 centers face connection disruptions.

FirstNet Expands 5G and In-Building Connectivity for First Responders

FirstNet is furthering critical communications for first responders by expanding 5G, boosting dedicated in-building connectivity, and enhancing 9-1-1 resiliency across Tennessee with FirstNet as a wireless backup.

Leon County Sheriff's Office demonstrates how FirstNet tech benefits first responders

The Leon County Sheriff's Office in Tallahassee, Florida, participated in a demonstration of FirstNet technology to show how a dedicated public safety broadband network and technologies make a difference for first responders, especially when disasters hit or networks become congested.

Los Angeles Police Department puts FirstNet into the hands of all its officers

The Los Angeles Police Department, one of the biggest police departments in the country, is modernizing its communications and issuing FirstNet devices to all of its almost 10,000 officers. Through FirstNet’s reliable and secure connection, officers will be able to spend less time at the station doing paperwork and more time in the field with their community.

Remote Work Opens New Possibilities for 9-1-1: The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how dispatchers work from home

One thing the 9-1-1 community learned from the pandemic was the need to plan for alternate ways to work. Rather than be tied to workstations at fixed locations, 9-1-1 telecommunicators need flexibility to remotely take, dispatch, and supervise calls. 9-1-1 leaders looked to technology for a solution. Through FirstNet, the nationwide public-safety broadband network, first responders had access to a secure, reliable connection outside of the ECC. 

FirstNet and the five E’s of community risk reduction

FirstNet is an important tool for firefighters as they battle a fire. Outside the blazes, the network can also enhance the fire service’s community risk reduction efforts. The FirstNet Authority engages with the fire community on how FirstNet can support the “five E’s” of risk reduction: enforcement, engineering, education, emergency response, and economic incentives.

From the Command Center: A Conversation with Captain John Vallarelli, New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department

Enhancing communications for public safety has been at the heart Captain John Vallarelli’s career. As he rose through the ranks of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department in New York, he oversaw many aspects of the agency’s communications systems, and he was instrumental in supporting interoperability for officers using the regional radio system and FirstNet.