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Estes Park receives critical cellular coverage from Crown Castle and FirstNet

The Rocky Mountain National Park Headquarters, based out of Estes Park, Colorado, is a difficult for travelers in need of aid to reach due to the remote and hazardous nature of its location. Crown Castle, the nation’s largest provider of shared communications infrastructure, through a collaboration with FirstNet, is completing a cell tower project that will maintain a connection down the 20-mile stretch of US 36 between Estes Park and the town of Lyons, Colorado enabling those in need to be able to call for help any time.

Episode 67: Connecting the Community: Bringing Broadband to Rural Pennsylvania

Broadband infrastructure remains limited in rural communities, making it difficult for local public safety to stay connected and respond quickly to emergencies. In Shade Gap, Pennsylvania, this has meant dropped 9-1-1 calls and significant communications challenges for the mountainous area. With the launch of a new FirstNet cell site in Shade Gap, local first responders now have access to high-speed, reliable cellular connectivity that is enhancing public safety for residents and visitors.
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