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How PSCR and the FirstNet Authority are Connected for Public Safety

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR) frequently collaborates with the First Responder Network Authority to advance public safety communications. Whether partnering on prize challenges, standards development, R&D testing, or the Public Safety Immersive Test Center, the two organizations are working together to spur technology development for first responders.

Completion of 3GPP Release 17 is Key Outcome of March Plenary Meeting

The first-quarterly Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Plenary e-meetings of 2022 concluded in March. Participants completed work on 3GPP Release 17 that enhances aspects of the 5G system and marks the conclusion of the first phase of the 5G technology evolution. Delegates also made significant progress on Release 18 that will include new innovations delivering the 5G vision.

3GPP December Plenary Focuses on Release 18 Feature List

The fourth quarterly Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Plenary e-meetings of 2021 concluded in December 2021. Participants spent time discussing the preliminary scoping of the Release 18 feature list, schedule, and completion dates, as well as issues related to 5G, interoperability, and standards initiatives.

Scoping 3GPP Release 18 at Third-Quarter Plenary Meeting

The third quarterly Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Plenary e-meetings of 2021 concluded in September. Participants spent considerable time on preliminary scoping of the Release 18 (R18) feature content and schedule. Delegates also made good progress on the stage 3 (protocol) work for Release 17. The R18 schedule discussion ended with an initial agreement on an 18 month timeline that will result in a December 2023 completion target date. 

3GPP Declares Release 17 Stage 2 Architecture Standards Frozen

The second quarterly Third Generational Partnership Project (3GPP) Plenary e-meetings of 2021 focused on the completion of Release 17 (R17) stage 2 (architecture) work and preparation for prioritization of features for R18. The group declared the stage 2 work frozen, while allowing some work items to continue into the third quarter of 2021. At this time, the R17 stage 3 (protocol) freeze date remains on schedule for March 2022.

FirstNet - Helping Firefighters Face Historic Wildfire Season Amid Pandemic

Last year, firefighters on the west coast battled a relentless string of fires prompting mass evacuations, destroying thousands of homes and threatening dozens of communities. As the fires and the pandemic continue to pose a double threat, FirstNet worked as it was intended by giving first responders prioritized and preemptive service to make sure that emergency communications always comes first. FirstNet prioritizes first responder communication ahead of non-emergency communications – and that has made all the difference in keeping firefighters safe as they protect communities and save lives.

Explore Innovation in Public Safety Communications with the FirstNet Authority at PSCR 2021

The FirstNet Authority is joining PSCR 2021, the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Division’s virtual annual Stakeholder Meeting. Through plenaries, on-demand sessions, and live question and answer sessions, the FirstNet Authority team will discuss standards work, innovation in public safety communications technology, and how the pandemic changed operations for first responders.

3GPP Quarterly Meetings Focus on 5G NR Sidelink Interfaces, Stage 2 Architecture Work

The first quarterly Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Plenary e-meetings of 2021 recently concluded. At the March meetings, the 3GPP momentum continued with more Release 17 progress and a focus on the upcoming June deadline for stage 2 (architecture) work. There were major discussions on the use of the 5G New Radio (NR) sidelink interface to support both user equipment (UE) to network (U2N) relay and UE to UE (U2U) relay.

Tech Talk: December 7-14, 2020 3GPP Plenary Meetings Recap

At the December 2020 3GPP Plenary meetings, there was continued momentum with Release 17 and mission critical features, including continued inclusion and clarification of 5G direct mode and broadcast mode communications. Many public safety agencies from across the globe co-signed two contributions authored and led by the FirstNet Authority to emphasize the importance of these features. 

Tech Talk: September 14-21, 2020 3GPP Plenary Meetings Recap

The momentum continued at the September 2020 3GPP Plenary meetings with Release 17 (R17) work fully underway. Several studies are moving into the normative work phase and address public safety areas of interest, including enhanced location services, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) such as drones, direct mode enhancements including sidelink relay, and 5G multicast-broadcast.