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FirstNet in Action

FirstNet Coverage Supports Rural Telehealth in Maine

Jackman is a rural community nestled away in the Northwestern Mountains of Maine. The town struggled with communication due to their remote location. Now, by leveraging FirstNet, they've transformed public safety for the area, enabling residents to take advantage of telehealth capabilities and ensuring that calls for help are met with swift and timely assistance. Learn more:

Episode 73: Lost in the Mountains of Michigan: FirstNet's essential role in search and rescue

When an eight-year-old boy went missing in Michigan's sprawling Porcupine Mountains, an extensive search and rescue operation was initiated. Darian Reed, President of Superior Search and Rescue, shared that broadband and data service support from FirstNet was pivotal in successfully and safely recovering the child.

Episode 72: University of Virginia enhances patient care with FirstNet

The University of Virginia (UVA) Health system uses nearly 4,000 mobile devices, powered by FirstNet, to enhance care for patients. The leader of UVA Health’s Mobile Device Technologies program, Anthony Thompson, discusses the impact of FirstNet in healthcare and how it’s supporting telemedicine capabilities, translation services, and rural healthcare.
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