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FirstNet Trailblazer

Baltimore Police Department in Maryland Connects Officers, Advances Communications with FirstNet

The Baltimore Police Department is the largest public safety agency in Maryland on FirstNet. With department-issued smartphones, laptops, and in-vehicle routers and modems connected to the network, officers have reliable access to the tools they need. And in-building solutions ensure that coverage reaches officers throughout all police facilities.

FirstNet: Connecting Green Bay Police Officers On and Off the Field

The Green Bay Police Department is the main law enforcement agency for the Green Bay Packers football games. Even during big plays when network congestion is the highest, FirstNet gives them faster speeds, better data exchanges, and clearer calls. FirstNet has also made a difference for Green Bay police outside the stadium, like when they tracked a fleeing shooting suspect.

Episode 44: A Texas Land Mobile Radio Network Reaches New Heights With FirstNet

Harris County, Texas, was one of the early adopters of FirstNet. As the nation’s third most populous county, first responders in the area need to be prepared for any event. The Harris County Radio Services Organization operates the regional radio system for public safety in Harris County, and FirstNet is allowing them augment that radio system in remote areas and in times of heavy network congestion. 

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