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An ambulance drives down a small road on a sunny day.

FirstNet Connects AAA Ambulance to Improve Patient Care in Mississippi

March 29, 2019

Hattiesburg, Mississippi’s AAA Ambulance Service subscribed to FirstNet to help connect its 24-hour emergency and non-emergency medical transport service. FirstNet is helping the ambulance service to seamlessly communicate as they serve the 1.2 million residents living across 16 counties in southern Mississippi.

Andy Geske, Chief of Information Technology for AAA Ambulance Service explains how the ambulance service relies heavily on communication to share life-saving information with dispatch, EMS units, hospitals and other medical providers in rural settings, which often face communications challenges.

“What’s important to me and my crew members is the ease of accessing FirstNet,” explains Geske. “FirstNet can put everybody on the same page where that response is best for the patient.”

With FirstNet, integrating telemedicine capabilities is a real possibility for Geske and his team – allowing AAA Ambulance Service to swiftly and efficiently deliver care to its patients in rural Mississippi.

Hear more from AAA Ambulance Service in this video: