Datesort ascending Event Title Location Speakers
Mar 27, 2020 Coping with COVID-19 Best Practices for Law Enforcement TBD
Mar 26, 2020 Coping with COVID-19 Best Practices for Fire/EMS TBD
Mar 23, 2020 Connected Things 2020 Cambridge, Massachusetts Jennifer Harder
Mar 19, 2020 FirstNet Authority Combined Committee and Board Meeting, March 2020 Teleconference TBD
Mar 17, 2020 Oregon APCO/NENA Quarterly Meeting Hood River, Oregon Kristi Wilde
Mar 16, 2020 Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants (SEMPA) 2020 Conference Chicago, Illinois Brent Williams
Mar 12, 2020 FirstNet in Utah Data Sharing Workshop Salt Lake City, Utah Paul Patrick
Mar 12, 2020 FirstNet Educational Forum - Portland Portland, Oregon Kristi Wilde
Mar 10, 2020 Northern MD FirstNet User Forum Forest Hill, Maryland Lori Stone
Mar 10, 2020 International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) March Executive Committee and Board Meeting Chantilly, Virginia Richard Carrizzo
Mar 07, 2020 Central Virginia EMS Education Expo Henrico, Virginia Brent Williams
Mar 05, 2020 EMS Today 2020 - The JEMS Conference and Expo Tampa, Florida Brent Williams
Mar 02, 2020 Missouri Valley FORCE Ridgedale, Missouri Richard Carrizzo
Feb 28, 2020 2020 Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs Winter Seminar Ridgedale, Missouri Richard Carrizzo
Feb 28, 2020 2020 Iowa Fire Chiefs Association Conference Iowa City, Iowa Kyle Richardson
Feb 27, 2020 FirstNet Educational Forum – San Diego San Diego, California Kevin Nida
Feb 26, 2020 2020 FEMA Region III Private Sector Readiness Day Newtown, Pennsylvania Lori Stone
Feb 25, 2020 Georgia Regional FirstNet Meeting - Clarke County Clarke County, Georgia Gerald Risner
Feb 24, 2020 Georgia Regional FirstNet Meeting - Athens Athens, Georgia Gerald Risner
Feb 24, 2020 National Governors Association (NGA) D.C. Representatives Update Washington, DC, District of Columbia Kenzie Capece; Matthew Plaster; Thomas Shull
Feb 24, 2020 Western States Sheriffs' Association Annual Conference Reno, Nevada David Faulkner
Feb 24, 2020 Firehouse World 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada Christopher Baker
Feb 20, 2020 Georgia Regional FirstNet Meeting - Crisp County Crisp County, Georgia Gerald Risner
Feb 19, 2020 Georgia Regional FirstNet Meeting Glynn Glynn, Georgia Gerald Risner
Feb 19, 2020 National Public Safety Telecommunication Council (NPSTC) Full Meeting Teleconference Kenzie Capece; Paul Patrick; Todd Early
Feb 13, 2020 New Hampshire Association of Fire Chiefs Guilford, New Hampshire Gary McCarraher
Feb 11, 2020 Southern Ohio Public Safety Technology Forum Cincinnati, Ohio Kevin Nida,
Kyle Richardson,
Lesia Dickson,
Mike Worrell
Feb 11, 2020 2020 Michigan’s Statewide Interoperable Communications Conference Traverse City, Michigan John Hunt; Lesia Dickson
Feb 11, 2020 NENA 9-1-1 Goes to Washington 2020 Washington, District of Columbia John Hunt
Feb 10, 2020 Major County Sheriffs of America 2020 Winter Conference Washington, District of Columbia Edward Horowitz; Harry Markley; Richard Stanek
Feb 09, 2020 National Congress of American Indians 2020 Executive Council Winter Session Washington, District of Columbia Adam Geisler
Feb 08, 2020 National Sheriff's Association 2020 Winter Legislative and Technical Conference Washington, District of Columbia Harry Markley; Richard Stanek
Feb 07, 2020 National Governors Association 2020 Winter Meeting Washington, District of Columbia Edward Parkinson; Thomas Shull
Feb 07, 2020 Minnesota Southern User Forum North Mankato, Minnesota Amy Haukeness; Lesia Dickson; Tim Pierce
Feb 06, 2020 Maine Chiefs of Police Conference Portland, Maine Gary McCarraher
Feb 06, 2020 New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police Toms River, New Jersey David Cook
Feb 05, 2020 Minnesota Central User Forum St. Cloud, Minnesota Amy Haukeness; Tim Pierce
Feb 05, 2020 COWA Education Conference 2020 Denver, Colorado Jeff Bratcher; Tracey Murdock
Feb 04, 2020 2020 Virginia APCO/NENA Winter Summit Chesterfield, Virginia Lori Stone
Feb 04, 2020 Minnesota Northern User Forum Cass Lake, Minnesota Amy Haukeness; Lesia Dickson; Tim Pierce
Feb 03, 2020 Alaska Fire Chiefs Association 2020 Leadership Summit Juneau, Alaska Kristi Wilde; Mike Worrell
Jan 30, 2020 Jackson County Road Show Medford, Oregon Kristi Wilde
Jan 28, 2020 Conecticut Fire Chiefs Association Glastonbury, Connecticut TBD
Jan 28, 2020 Southwest Border Communications Working Group (SWBCWG) January 2019 Meeting San Diego, California Adam Geisler; Christopher Baker; David Faulkner; Kevin Nida; Margaret Gutierrez
Jan 28, 2020 MD Emergency Management Agency Private Sector Integration Summit 2020 Baltimore, Maryland Lori Stone
Jan 28, 2020 Northeastern Forest Fire Compact Portland, Maine Gary McCarraher
Jan 27, 2020 Winter Institute 2020 Workshop Disaster City, Texas Amy Haukeness; Jacqueline Miller-Waring; Thomas Randall
Jan 27, 2020 Winter Institute 2020 Exercise Disaster City, Texas Amy Haukeness; Jacqueline Miller-Waring; Thomas Randall; Travis Hull
Jan 23, 2020 Maui Police and Fire FirstNet 101 Wailuku, Hawaii Kenison Tejada
Jan 22, 2020 California Fire Chiefs Association's 2020 Fire Operations Technology Summit Redlands, California Christopher Baker,
Mike Worrell
Jan 22, 2020 California Fire Chiefs Association ESRI Conference Redlands, California Kevin Nida
Jan 17, 2020 National Conference of State Legislatures Austin, Texas Thomas Randall
Jan 09, 2020 National Association of EMS Physicians 2020 Annual Meeting San Diego, California Brent Williams
Jan 09, 2020 CES Government: Accelerating Innovation for Public Safety Las Vegas, Nevada Edward Parkinson
Jan 07, 2020 MCCA 2020 Winter Meeting Houston, Texas Harry Markley
Jan 07, 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020: Network Infrastructure Is Key to Smart Cities Las Vegas, Nevada Edward Parkinson,
Jennifer Harder,
William Schrier
Dec 19, 2019 Winter 2019 Missouri SIAC Meeting Jefferson City, Missouri Kyle Richardson,
Lesia Dickson
Dec 18, 2019 Winter 2019 Kansas SIAC Body Meeting Wichita, Kansas Kyle Richardson
Dec 11, 2019 Nebraska Association of Counties 125th Annual Conference Kearney, Nebraska Kyle Richardson
Dec 11, 2019 Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments - Interoperability Regional Working Group Dec 2019 Meeting Washington, District of Columbia Lori Stone
Dec 10, 2019 December 2019 In-Person Public Safety Advisory Committee Meeting Austin, Texas Kenzie Capece
Dec 09, 2019 NFPA Electronic Safety Equipment Technical Committee Portland, Oregon Barry Leitch; Mike Worrell
Dec 07, 2019 AHIMTA Symposium 2019 St. Louis, Missouri Doug Harder,
Kyle Richardson,
Lesia Dickson,
Randy Kerr
Dec 05, 2019 FirstNet Authority Combined Committee and Board Meeting December 2019 Hollywood, Florida Board Members
Nov 25, 2019 New England Council for EMS New Port, Rhode Island Michael Varney
Nov 24, 2019 Texas EMS Conference Fort Worth, Texas Brent Williams
Nov 17, 2019 IAEM Tribal Caucus Savannah, Georgia Margaret Gutierrez
Nov 15, 2019 December 2019 In Person PSAC Meeting Austin, Texas Kenzie Capece
Nov 15, 2019 IAEM 2019 Annual Conference & EMEX Savannah, Georgia Charles Murph,
Lesia Dickson,
Margaret Gutierrez,
Timothy Pierce,
Tracey Murdock
Nov 14, 2019 National Conference on EMS Atlantic city, New Jersey David Cook
Nov 14, 2019 IAFC VCOS Symposium in the Sun 2019 Clearwater, Florida Richard Carrizzo
Nov 13, 2019 Ohio EMS Medical Director Conference Colombus, Ohio Brent Williams,
Kyle Richardson
Nov 11, 2019 APCO Atlantic Conference Falmouth, Massachusetts Gary McCarraher
Nov 10, 2019 TribalNet 2019 Conference Nashville, Tennessee Margaret Gutierrez
Nov 08, 2019 Big Sky EMS Conference Billings, Montana Brent Williams
Nov 08, 2019 VA EMS Symposium Norvolk, Virginia Lori Stone,
Michael Varney
Nov 07, 2019 Ski Mountain Trauma Conference Sun Valley, Idaho Brent Williams
Nov 04, 2019 AAA 2019 Conference Nashville, Tenesse Brent Williams
Nov 04, 2019 SAFECOM NCSWIC Joint Meeting Miami, Florida Jacqueline Miller-Waring; Paul Patrick
Nov 01, 2019 Tech-to-Protect November 2019 Codeathon Charles Hardnett,
David Cook,
Jennifer Harder,
John Saboe,
Michael Varney,
Qumars Eghaneyan,
Ray Lehr,
Travis Hull,
William Schrier
Oct 29, 2019 KEMA Emergency Preparedness Conference Altoona, Pennsylvania David Cook
Oct 28, 2019 8th Annual Idaho PSAP Conference Boise, Idaho Kristi Wilde
Oct 26, 2019 IACP 2019 Annual Conference Chicago, Illinois Edward Parkinson,
David Buchanan,
Richard Stanek,
David Faulkner,
Harry Markley,
Adam Geisler,
Brian Hobson,
Ehrin Ehlert,
Gerald Risner,
Jennifer Harder
Oct 26, 2019 IACP 2019 - Indian Law Section Chicago, Illinois Margaret Gutierrez
Oct 26, 2019 NEMA 2019 Annual Forum Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Lesia Dickson
Oct 24, 2019 MCCA Fall Meeting 2019 Chicago, Illinois Harry Markley
Oct 23, 2019 2019 Nebraska APCO/NENA Conference Lincoln, Nebraska Lesia Dickson
Oct 22, 2019 Conecticut Fire Chiefs Assoc. Glastonbury, Connecticut TBD
Oct 22, 2019 Mobile World Congress 2019 Los Angeles, California Edward Parkinson
Oct 22, 2019 2019 Virginia APCO Conference Roanoke, Virginia Lori Stone
Oct 17, 2019 FirstNet Educational Forum for First Responders - Sacramento Sacramento, California Kevin Nida
Oct 16, 2019 FirstNet in Utah: Apps Forum Hurricane, Utah Paul Patrick,
Jacque Miller-Waring,
Tracey Murdock
Oct 14, 2019 2019 Arkansas APCO/NENA Conference Little Rock, Arkansas Lesia Dickson
Oct 08, 2019 APCO Emerging Technology Forum 2019 Westminster, Colorado Jeff Bratcher
Oct 08, 2019 Joint Fire Services and Law Enforcement Leadership Roadmap Forum Reston, Virginia Edward Horowitz,
Harry Markley,
Mike Worrell;
Oct 07, 2019 Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Bainbridge Island, Washington Adam Geisler
Oct 03, 2019 PERF Forum - FirstNet in the Field: Discussing Real-World Experiences and Exploring What Could Come Next San Jose, California TBD
Oct 02, 2019 2019 IL Regional Forum - upstate Plainfiled, Illinois TBD
Sep 28, 2019 Idaho Chiefs of Police Association 2019 Fall Conference Sun Valley, ID TBD
Sep 28, 2019 All Home Safe Innovation Challenge - Atlanta Atlanta, GA TBD