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What emergency managers need to know about FirstNet and extended primary users

Every emergency manager knows a disaster calls for all hands on deck, including the extended community of responders who help public safety in emergencies. This extended community can include utilities, transportation, and other essential services. FirstNet is available to this extended community of responders when needed. And emergency managers should know how to prepare all response partners to communicate during a disaster.

FirstNet Supports Continuity of Operations in Maryland

County government officials in Cecil County, Maryland, rely on FirstNet for communications during a crisis. The nationwide public safety broadband network ensures local government leaders are able to stay connected and maintain operations in both rural and urban areas of the county.

FirstNet Connects Morris Police and Public Works in Illinois

Officers and public works personnel in Morris, Illinois, now have access to new capabilities and reliable network access with FirstNet. The network provides responders with interoperability and connectivity in the field.

New York Power Authority Successfully Pilots FirstNet

The New York Power Authority successfully piloted FirstNet to support operations at the Blenheim-Gilboa's Pumped Storage Power project. The network ensures communications are available when public safety needs connectivity most.

Oklahoma Electric Cooperative Joins FirstNet to Connect Lineman during Disasters and Emergencies

Lineman and employees with Oklahoma Electric Cooperative are using FirstNet to connect to each other, access reports, and provide mapping while responding to natural disasters and everyday emergencies.

Police and Public Works in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Join FirstNet

Police officers and public works personnel in Burr Ridge, Illinois, are now connected to FirstNet, providing public safety an interoperable platform to communicate with other agencies and jurisdictions in the area.

Episode 61: From Public Safety to Public Works, FirstNet Aids Casper, Wyoming

The Casper Police Department in Wyoming was one of the first agencies to use the FirstNet network in August 2017 when the city’s population was expected to nearly double during a solar eclipse. Four years later, FirstNet is providing Casper police officers with coverage across the city, dedicated applications to enhance operations, and connectivity to other city agencies during everyday incidents and major emergencies.  

FirstNet Brings Critical Connectivity to DHR Health Level 1 Trauma Center in Texas

DHR Health’s Level 1 Trauma Center in Texas joined FirstNet as an Extended Primary User. Doctors, nurses, and other DHR Health personnel will have always-on priority on the network, allowing them to communicate during every emergency.


3 tips to adopting FirstNet

Members of the Mason County Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) in West Virginia often find themselves working in more remote parts of the county. Understanding the importance of remaining connected, DHSEM and other county agencies switched to FirstNet after extensive testing. The county’s public safety agencies are now using the network to improve patient care during longer hospital transports and to enhance communications at COVID-19 testing sites.

Episode 58: FirstNet is ‘Force Multiplier’ for Nebraska Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Neil Miller of the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office in Nebraska began implementing mobile data more than 20 years ago, and he continues to bring advanced technologies to increase the efficiency of operations for deputies. With FirstNet being built out throughout the state of Nebraska, deputies and other first responders are able to spend more time in the communities they serve.