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FirstNet and the Nights of Lights

Every year during the holidays, the city of St. Augustine in Florida is transformed by millions of holiday lights that bedazzle the city’s downtown in an event called Nights of Lights. As visitors marvel at the twinkling lights, St. Augustine officials use FirstNet to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely for everyone involved.

FirstNet Coverage Supports Rural Telehealth in Maine

Jackman is a rural community nestled away in the Northwestern Mountains of Maine. The town struggled with communication due to their remote location. Now, by leveraging FirstNet, they've transformed public safety for the area, enabling residents to take advantage of telehealth capabilities and ensuring that calls for help are met with swift and timely assistance. Learn more:

Hurricane Ready - FirstNet's Impact on St. Augustine's Emergency Preparedness

St. Augustine, a coastal city in Florida, is working toward hurricane resilience. The city has dealt with six Category 1 surges in the past six years alone. After a natural disaster occurs, reliable communication is critical to emergency response times, damage evaluation, and clean-up efforts. With the assistance of FirstNet, public safety agencies in the area are better prepared to efficiently respond and stay connected in situations where traditional infrastructure may be impaired. Learn more:
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