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Natural Disaster

Episode 55: FirstNet Helps Wyoming Responders Prepare for Fires, Floods, and Blizzards joseph.rey@fir… Thu, 07/15/2021 - 10:46

Teton County is a rural county in northwest Wyoming. Situated in the Teton Range, the county experiences weather hazards including fires, floods, and wintery conditions, as well as earthquakes, landslides, and avalanches. Teton County first responders rely on FirstNet’s hardened network to stay connected in the most remote parts of the county and during tourist season when cell networks grow congested.

FirstNet at the Cameron Peak Wildfire

At over 200,000 acres, the Cameron Peak Fire is the largest wildland fire in Colorado history. As it burned in remote parts of the Rocky Mountains, FirstNet deployables, phones, and hotspots kept firefighters connected to the apps and tools they needed for situational awareness. With this added capability, responders received up-to-the-minute information that aided them in making informed decisions on the ground.

Episode 50: How Broadband Tech Can Enhance K9 Operations

Public safety K9s can be trained for a wide range of services, from search and rescue to bomb and drug detection. These dogs work across urban, rural, wilderness, and disaster settings, and can sometimes end up a mile away from their handler. As technology advances, handlers are exploring ways technology – such as trackers and live-streaming cameras – can enhance K9 operations, keep dogs and handlers safe, and improve situational awareness and mission success.    

FirstNet Deployables: Answering the Call and Connecting Firefighters

When Lieutenant LeRoy Sisley of the Northwest Interagency Incident Management Team #10 in Washington arrived on the Bertschi Road Fire in Glenwood, he quickly noticed cell service was spotty and limited. Within three hours of submitting a request to FirstNet, a deployable network asset arrived on scene. This deployable provided much needed coverage to the firefighters responding to the wildfire, allowing them to check weather reports, order supplies and equipment, and coordinate with other teams.

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