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Early Benefits of FirstNet: Support is Available to Public Safety 24/7/365

This blog is the fourth in a series highlighting the 5 Early Benefits of FirstNet for public safety. FirstNet is the nationwide public safety communications platform dedicated to America’s first responders. Created through a public-private partnership between the First Responder Network Authority and AT&T, FirstNet is a much-needed technology upgrade to connect public safety to the vital information they need—every day, in every emergency.

Every day and in every emergency, FirstNet is here to support the needs of public safety. From making sure first responders are connected when they need it most to scanning the horizon for the most useful public safety communication innovations, the First Responder Network Authority is committed to advocating for the lifesaving communications technology first responders need on the job.

The First Responder Network Authority works to keep open, robust and frequent communication with fire, law enforcement, EMS, 9-1-1, emergency managers and other public safety entities on the current status and future plans for FirstNet, including:

  • Exchanging information with the public safety community to best understand its needs – now and in the future
  • Communicating FirstNet’s possibilities and value to public safety
  • Understanding public safety users’ experience with the network
  • Identifying areas for new innovation and network evolution

Public safety-centered user experience

Another key benefit to public safety is the customer care the FirstNet network provides. As subscribers, FirstNet users have access to a dedicated customer care center that only supports public safety. FirstNet Customer Service gives them dedicated, U.S.-based, 24/7/365 customer support to accommodate their mission, including emergency prompting and routing available during a crisis situation.

In addition to FirstNet-specific training, the FirstNet Customer Service team has a long history of supporting public safety accounts, and they are also receiving training to learn more about the situations faced by first responders. The Customer Service team understands the importance of the public safety mission, and they are ready to help quickly address questions and resolve issues.

Customer service in action

In our recent Public Safety First podcast, Chief Erik Newman of the Stockton, CA, Fire Department talks about a wildfire in the Napa Valley area where their portable radios were damaged and not working. FirstNet provided deployable network resources and handheld devices so first responders could do their vital work.

“[Firefighters] had an opportunity to actually use the equipment that was provided to them, which was awesome,” Newman said. “When you get buy-in from [the ‘boots on the ground’] based on an actual event, and they give the stamp of approval, to me that's like a touchdown.”

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