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FirstNet keeps Michigan responders communicating in the path of a tornado

Deputy Chief Gavin Babieracki of Otsego County EMS Rescue shares his experience responding when a tornado struck his community, a rare event in northern Michigan. Though the tornado was unexpected, Babieracki and his team were prepared with FirstNet and other technologies to keep first responders connected throughout the disaster.

The future of 911 in Indiana: Tactical dispatch, remote operations, and backup

During an emergency, 9-1-1 is the public’s first point of contact—which presents unique challenges for telecommunicators. Andrea Baughn, Indiana’s deputy statewide interoperability coordinator and 9-1-1 liaison, shared how her state is supporting emergency communication centers and how FirstNet can support the unique challenges of 9-1-1.

FirstNet extended coverage brings critical connectivity to Tribal lands

Bringing broadband to Tribal responders has always been a priority for the FirstNet Authority. When Board members visited the Navajo Nation – which spans Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah – they learned how deployables and expanded coverage are bringing interoperability to the tribe’s emergency communications. FirstNet has played an important role during major events like the pandemic response and a visit from the First Lady of the United States.

Testing FirstNet’s mission-critical tech in the real world

How do FirstNet’s Z-Axis and Push-To-Talk work in real-life scenarios? The FirstNet Authority partnered with the Major County Sheriffs of America to conduct a technology trial of these capabilities. By putting the technology into the hands of officers on the job, we can evaluate its real-world usability, discover any adjustments needed, and plan for future upgrades.

FirstNet to Support Communications for Responders at 15 U.S. Air Force Bases

FirstNet is bringing enhanced connectivity to emergency responders supporting 15 Air Force bases across the country. Priority and preemption for voice, data, and streaming video capabilities will ensure responder personnel can communicate and share critical information..

FirstNet Provides Georgia Police Department with Cost-Effective Dispatch Solution

When the Dallas Police Department in Georgia needed to move from a secondary dispatch to an enhanced 9-1-1 public safety answering point, some solutions presented agency leaders with steep costs for technology and equipment upgrades. FirstNet provided the department with a cost-effective solution for dispatch, as well as additional benefits for officers in the field, allowing the dispatch center to transition in just a few months.

PSAC Profile: American Public Works Association (APWA)

Public works officials are a critical component of preparedness and response, working alongside law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel to respond to emergency events. The American Public Works Association (APWA) serves as the leading organization representing municipal and county public agencies responsible for over 70% of the U.S. road systems and much of the nation’s other public infrastructure. APWA has been a valued member of the PSAC since its inception, making sure that broad interoperability is built into the FirstNet network.

Advanced communication tech at Cameron Peak

The Cameron Peak Fire was the largest wildland fire in Colorado’s history. Don Patterson, a firefighter and communications expert, deployed to the fire knowing that broadband communications would play a huge role, particularly with the threat of COVID-19. Deployables and other advanced technologies helped everyone communicate — from incident command at the base camp to frontline firefighters.

FirstNet: Connecting Green Bay Police Officers On and Off the Field

The Green Bay Police Department is the main law enforcement agency for the Green Bay Packers football games. Even during big plays when network congestion is the highest, FirstNet gives them faster speeds, better data exchanges, and clearer calls. FirstNet has also made a difference for Green Bay police outside the stadium, like when they tracked a fleeing shooting suspect.

FirstNet making a difference for Loudoun Sheriff's Office on a daily basis

FirstNet is making a difference for law enforcement agencies across the nation—in both daily operations and at big events, whether planned or unplanned. In northern Virginia, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office relies on FirstNet for everyday use, emergencies, and large events. They also partner with other FirstNet users in the region to collaborate on how to best use the network.