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Episode 72: University of Virginia enhances patient care with FirstNet

The University of Virginia (UVA) Health system uses nearly 4,000 mobile devices, powered by FirstNet, to enhance care for patients. The leader of UVA Health’s Mobile Device Technologies program, Anthony Thompson, discusses the impact of FirstNet in healthcare and how it’s supporting telemedicine capabilities, translation services, and rural healthcare.

FirstNet supports disaster response in U.S. territories

In this video, FirstNet Authority Board Member Alexandra Fernandez Navarro explains the unique challenges of disaster response on island territories. When emergencies occur, these territories are often cut off by air and sea, which makes pre-planned emergency management crucial. Fernandez Navarro provides information about FirstNet's deployable resources, which can be pre-positioned to serve hard-to-reach areas. Learn more about the deployable program at

Episode 70: Fighting wildfires in Southern Texas with FirstNet

When a rural fire in Brooks County, Texas engulfed 6,500 acres of land, the Falfurrias Fire Department faced significant communication and coordination challenges due to the remote location of the fire. FirstNet provided a solution to this problem with the deployment of a SatCOLT, a vehicle with its own cell site non-reliant on commercial power supplies, that provided crucial connectivity and support to over 40 agencies and public safety personnel. This subsequently enabled efficient mapping of the location, real-time weather updates, and seamless communication among first responders.

Fire on the mountain: FirstNet connects Boulder responders

In March 2022, a fire broke out near the Table Mesa neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, close to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Facility. Over the course of six days, the NCAR Fire burned 190 acres. FirstNet deployables, including a compact rapid deployable owned by the City of Boulder, supported first responders on scene and ensured they could share critical information. Learn more at